Breast Enhancing Procedures 

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your breasts and your overall appearance, the staff at Wollongong Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery would like you to know that you have options. Whether you need to reduce the size of your breasts due to back pain or a medical issue or you want to enhance the size of your breasts to feel more comfortable and confident, our surgeon offers an array of services to help you feel more at ease.
Breast Augmentation
Women who are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts can benefit from breast augmentation, also referred to as breast enlargement or implants. Through safe and proven techniques, our surgeon can accentuate your bustline and give you natural-looking and firm breasts. 
Breast Implants
To enhance your appearance, we offer silicone breast implants at our practice. Silicone implants are composed of a silicone shell that is filled with silicone gel. Ask our surgeon today which procedure is right for you and your specific goals.
Breast Reduction
If you are experiencing severe and chronic back pain or you have always wanted a smaller breast size, our surgeon can perform breast reduction. With years of experience and training, our surgeon can listen to your goals and work to deliver you favourable results. If you’re suffering from overly large breasts, you don’t have to live in discomfort any longer. 
Breast Repositioning
Breast repositioning removes only a very small amount of breast tissue, which is enough to raise the nipples and excise skin flaps, leaving the breast’s size relatively unaffected. The surgeon can lift and reshape your breasts so they appear higher, firmer and more youthful. You will have scars on the breasts after the operation, but our surgeon  will try to hide them as much as possible. 
Asymmetrical Breasts
Breast asymmetry is nearly universal. Although some women have a slight difference in breast size, a number of women have noticeable breast asymmetry that is well beyond a standard range. Our surgeon can make substantial improvements to your breasts in terms of size and shape. Our surgeons can achieve your goals with a variety of procedures, including breast augmentation or breast reduction. 
Contact Us
To see if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation or reduction, please call our practice today at 02 4228 1175. We would be happy to schedule you an initial consultation. 
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